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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
` 11:07 AM
Taylor Swift's You're Not Sorry

Friday, April 24, 2009
` 11:52 PM
Stitch mugging Atherosclerosis. and feeling blue.

i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad i hate free rad.

that said, Mr. Low Density Lipoprotein keeps me sane :) even though he's bad cholesterol.

ok that doesn't sound very sane.

10 more days to freedom from exams (for the rest of my life! i think). 10 more days to living life :)) for a couple of months at least!

Monday, April 20, 2009
` 11:05 PM
Mr. Iguana:

"watcha lookin' at??"

-rolls eyes- (i swear he really did!!)

"stop taking my picture already!"


Saturday, April 18, 2009
` 10:24 PM
yesterday sab and i were on the topic of why people get married. why do you need to get married? why can't you be in a bf/gf relationship with someone forever? is it just because you wanna have kids? or is it just because you can get a flat? it's to grow old together, you say. why do we need to marry to grow old together?

today my parents and i were talking about why do we need wedding dinners. why?? you spend such a hefty sum of money and plan and plan for months on end for just one night, and then after that those people who turn up for your wedding (those long-lost relatives that you don't feel like inviting but bo bian) go on with their lives and you go on with yours. like they'll even care that you got married. why can't it be a simple gathering with family members (that you're close to) and close friends? is it because of "face"? is it to show off? like oh, my wedding was at Ritz Carlton you know, yours leh??

oh and on the topic of getting married, why do we need wedding proposals?? i mean, when you're with this someone for a reasonably long time and you feel like he/she is the one, you'll automatically want to be with him/her for the rest of your life. you'll set up joint accounts. you'll apply for a flat. you'll plan for the future. then why do you still need to set a specific date to propose when you've already done all that? why will the girl even say no? unless she was just playing a fool with the guy for the x years they've been together?

do i sound cynical?? hahahaha. all these questions bug me to no end. but after all these rants, i'm sure all of us will still end up doing all that, because that is the norm, because that is what everyone else is doing.

and since we're on the topic of the one, happy 43rd month and 1 day bb! :) we had a hard time counting haha.


anwssss Swensen's shepherd pie is DAMN GOOOOOOD!!!! it's heavennn for potato lovers like me. haha. the only thing i hated was that the beef came in chunks that were too huge for my liking. i'm not a chunky meat kinda person. but i'll eat it again for the potato :)) and the button mushrooms.

and so yesterday was thesis submission day a.k.a last official day of school till the exams. bittersweet. i'll miss NUS, that's for sure.

four years, four frickin years. and that's it. now i finally know how the rest of the LS gang felt at this time last year.

i'll miss lab too :( can't wait to visit them after the exams when i have to hand in my logbook and officially end all ties with the lab lol. but hopefully i won't end all ties with the people there haha :)

another one of my huge regrets: not wanting to try for the LO position in the lab :((( what was i thinking :( dumb dumb dumb dumb. can i turn back time :((

anws i don't feel like studying :( but i know have to. soon soon!! i'm really really damn scared of free rad :((( how how. i know at the back of my mind that whatever grades i get for my two papers won't affect my overall CAP (after completing a 16-frickin-MCs honours project, everything else suddenly seems much smaller and less important LOL), but i just can't get by them without putting in the same amount of effort as i did in previous semesters. i am such a nerd, i know :D wahaha. for now let me just enjoy the feeling of not doing anything :)) yes, fleeting happiness once again.

and randomly, WHY WHY WHY did they save Matt Giraud?? :((( what if my Kris kena voted out next week?? :((( sighhhh.

please watch this!! it's a short film which is really good in my opinion :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
` 2:07 PM
this is taken from the "You know you've worked too long in a lab when..." facebook group (i picked out the stuff that are hilarious and oh so true):

You always seem to use the microscope after the person with the impossibly close together eyes.

You've wondered why you can't drink distilled water in the lab - It should be clean?

People wearing shorts under a lab coat disturb you slightly as they look as though they might be naked underneath.

No matter what the timings in the experiment protocol there is always time for lunch in the middle.

You can no longer spell normal words but have no trouble with spelling things like immunohistochemistry or deoxyribonucleic acid.

You're slightly too fond of the smell of (pick one or many) Xylene/Agar/Ethanol/Alcoholic handwash.

You have made some kind of puppet out of a nitrile glove and kept it as a pet.

You've removed your gloves to find a small hole which has left you with either - wrinkly old person hands, a brightly coloured finger (histologists especially) or a burning sensation and dermatitis and some point.

When you rejoice when grabbing a handful of eppendorfs/bijous/anything and it turns outs to be the exact number you needed.

Your nose invariably itches when you're doing mucky stuff with your hands so you develop the habit of scratching it on your upper arm. Unfortunately you sometimes carry this habit over to real life, where it looks like you're sniffing your armpits.

When you start making patterns in your pipette tip box as you take the tips out.

You've seen how far away you can hit a target with a squirty water bottle or how far away from the bin you can fire pipette tips.

The fire alarm ceases to bug you. You only evacuate when you see the fire.

You open the toothpaste with one hand.

When you hear tween, you think of the surfactant not the age group.

For you, media is something which increases your culture.

Sometimes you momentarily vanish from social activities because of a time point.

You flinch when you hear the word "significant".

You're very good at diluting things.

You're also very good at transferring small amounts of liquid between containers.

You are fed up with people saying alcohol, when they mean ethanol.

No one in your family has any idea what you do.

You refer to your children as the F1.

You've used Kimwipes as Kleenex.

A timer clipped to the hip is not only practical, but dead sexy.

You think the following is a quality insult: "I've seen cells more competent than you!".



sigh Liverpool's out of the Champion's League :(( but at least we didn't leave without putting up a good fight :) we made Chelsea sweat! woohoo!

it's pretty unsettling how i keep referring to Liverpool as 'we'. hahaha. i think i'm obsessed.


Heroes Season 3 is ending it's run soon :( last episode next week i think! sighhh.


i think this period between poster presentation and thesis submission is the most shiok period of my entire 4th year.

i suddenly have alot of time on my hands! lol. yayyy to short-lived happiness :)) it's still happiness after all, no matter how fleeting it is!

Monday, April 13, 2009
` 9:54 PM
James Morrison's Please Don't Stop the Rain

off for a dose of Desperate Housewives! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009
` 4:11 PM
so cute hor?? :)) -swoooooon-


was talking to kl yesterday about how life suddenly lacked a "purpose", now that lab is finally over. weird feeling, really. it's like, when we were slogging our guts out we couldn't wait for lab to be over, and now when it's finally over and done with, we feel kinda...lost.

i guess that NOT waking up and thinking about how many Western Blots i need to do for that particular day still needs some getting used to. lol.

but i'm happy, nonetheless :) despite getting out of MPSH1 pretty beaten on poster day.

oh well, 5 days to thesis submission!!

and here's to the handful of people who made my one year in lab a more bearable experience :) thank you thank you thank you! am glad the anti-social me was able to make some friends after all. heh.

anws i was reading the thesis guidelines and this is damn funny!

This section usually consists of a single paragraph of thanks to the supervisor and other academic or technical staff, colleges and institutions for ideas, advice, criticisms, facilities, services, etc. Contrary to common practice, this is not a place to ‘let your hair down’: you are not allowed to acknowledge your pets, religious leaders, and so on; and avoid expression of excessive gratitude to your supervisor, or anyone else.



this is pretty embarrassing, but it makes me happy :) and things that make me happy deserve some space on my blog :) haha! here's the bf and i being stupid in front of his webcam quite some time ago. hahaha. self-entertainment to the max.


my blog template is getting on my nerves. i wanna change my layout but am lazy to!! being the html-idiot and all.

and randomly, my dad's started listening to Jason Mraz! wahahaha hilarious. ever since he watched him perform at the Nobel Peace Prize concert on tv :D

//edit: my dad just came into my room and asked, "why Jason sing so fast one??" wahaha i didn't know how to answer him.

Thursday, April 02, 2009
` 11:47 PM
it's kinda sad how nearly one year of hard work in the lab just simply boils down to how well you fare in a 3-hour poster presentation and how well you write/smoke a 15,000-word thesis (erm, 8000 in my case. lol).

no one knows the effort put into it. no one knows the early mornings and the late nights. no one knows the hours spent agonizing over failed experiments. no one knows the stress, the sweat and the tears. no one, but your lab mates and your friends in the same sad sad situation. if our FYP grades were determined by all these, we'd all get A+.

7 days to poster presentation, 15 days to thesis submission, and all this crap will be OVER.


am totally freaking out cos there's a high chance i'll kena the worst ever combi of examiners for poster day: chris chen and gavin dawe.



livin' life


*ohm in beijing
*piakpiak in sweden
*pokpok in france

*25'03 album
*faith album
*liverpool <3
*jason mraz
*mr brown
*mr miyagi

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