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Saturday, April 19, 2008
` 11:57 PM
i'm going for James Blunt's concert!! :)) i can't contain my excitement :) hehe. who cares if the seats aren't fantastic, i just wanna hear his voice :)

memorizing Japanese literary writers' names is 20 times tougher than memorizing drug names :S

Mori Ogai. Natsume Soseki. Higuchi Ichiyo. Akutagawa Ryunosuke. Abe Kobo. Kawabata Yasunari. Ohba Minako. Oe Kenzaburo. Murakami Haruki!!!

kill me please.

this is so not the right time to be sick :( i'm feeling sleepy 24/7!

exam timetable is the worst of all the exam timetables i've had in NUS. booooo.

ok so here's the part where i repeat myself sem after sem: tata for now, till the end of the exams!


count down...

9 days to start of exams
18 days to end of exams
23 days to start of internship which i regret taking
24 days to JAMES BLUNT :)
47 days to end of internship
48 days to fyp till... i graduate :S

not gonna have much of a life as you can tell.

okie bye! jiayou everyone :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008
` 12:59 AM
...cos we're silly like that :)

wednesday pharmaco test
thursday jap studies project due
friday ecology assignment due
reading week

woohoo! let's get HIGH!!!

i've had many dreams in my life... i can't remember most (which means i no longer want to do them already), but i've always wanted to paraglide, and i've always wanted to see the Northern Lights... now i don't mind missing these two, cos my major huge gigantic dream now is to watch Liverpool play at Anfield. :) i hope my dream can become a reality some time in the near future. hahaha. oh wells.

in the meantime, here's a starter :p must learn how to sing You'll Never Walk Alone first.

i get goosebumps every time i watch this vid!! must on speaker loud loud :D wahaha.

Sunday, April 06, 2008
` 12:18 AM
i've been feeling nostalgia of late... spotted the S.O.W. VCD in the corner of my shelf and decided to take a look. and all the memories just kept coming...

i remember my very funny first impressions of some of the gang. e.g. i thought sab was one of those aloof chiobus who goes clubbing (and loves suntanning). and i thought eric was some pai gia who smokes.

i remember how i thought ben and jianhang were the same person cos they looked alike. i thought ben was jianhang's english name HAHA.

i remember the first thing fridge said to me when i sat down beside him in LT25 on the first day was "you know tony rite??".

i remember waking up in the middle of the night shivering my ass off cos it was damn colddddd in the tutorial room.

i remember the two mahjong tables.

i remember singing at the top of our voices while bathing in the middle of the night so that we won't be afraid.

i remember our scary banner and how we were SO sure we'd win the Best Banner (3D leh!!) but we didn't in the end cos the judges said ours carried negative connotations or something to that effect -.-'''

i remember how fridge got his name HAHA. i was the wok i think. i remember eric being the pan. damn hilarious la. forgot who else already. oh i remember the person beside me was the spatula (but i can't recall who was beside me!).

i remember paul and camou cream and the brithday cake outside LT26.

i remember weelee and her early morning runs around the track.

i remember the bf-to-be asking me to meet him one night (he was having his orientation at that time too) and i cooked up some excuse about wanting to sleep, but in actual fact i stayed up all night talking to jay and hendrick and yiming and i forgot who else along the corridor. (HEH bb i think i've never told you this! :p)

i remember all of us being very annoyed with ziyang and dawn from the OG beside us cos they were making such a racket! oh well, who knew they'd be a couple soon after :p

i remember Shutter in LT32 and how i was sitting between jay and shan, one was really scared like me, and one didn't bat a single eyelid. and i remember how the guys wanted paul to dress as sadako and walk along the aisle to scare people.

i remember fright night and how two of the stations had the exact same story (about finding some sacred grass so that the spirit will rest in peace or something liddat hahaha). i remember how jay and i screamed and RAN like mad at the second station leaving jianhang behind to fend off two ghosts by himself LOL!

i remember the horror story-telling when everyone was tucked into our sleeping bags. (i covered my ears all the way.)

i remember Flag Day and how we spent half the time in Mcdonald's wahaha.

i remember Rag Day and how we seeked refuge in uni hall cos it was damn hot. i remember how Science won :))) merely a week into my life in NUS and i was already proud to be a Science student.

strangely i cannot remember anything about the station games etc that we played. ha. oh i only remember the night treasure hunt where we slacked one corner and watched all the other OGs run around.


nostalgic hor? sigh. those were the days... and now we're nearing the end of our third year, and more than half of The Ring is graduating in 2 months time. i can't help but wonder if we'll still keep in contact in the many many years to come... i really hope we do.

Thursday, April 03, 2008
` 10:41 PM
today as i was walking out of my last immuno lab of the semester, it suddenly dawned on me that this was the second last lab i'm having with some of the people who've been at the same lab bench as me through the years i've been in NUS, cos we are all Tays/Tangs/Tengs.

it's like you're so used to seeing them around during labs you take them for granted cos well, you know that you'll see them again the next week and the week after next. we've been 'separated' countless times through the semesters due to us taking different modules and all, and at the start of each sem i look at the class roster for each module and i always feel more at ease when i see familiar names around my own.

granted, we're all just hi-bye friends outside the lab (sometimes we don't even say hi), but it just feels good to have familiar faces around me during labs suffering together. haha.

it's quite sad actually, knowing that i won't ever be snatching pipette tips and what-not and slacking during 1-hour incubation periods with these people anymore when this semester comes to a close.

oh well, i still have one last pharmaco lab to look forward to next week. if i'm going, that is! ha.

anws here's a teenyweeny horseshoe crab spotted during the fieldtrip at changi beach last week :)


Tuesday, April 01, 2008
` 12:07 AM
watch this, and you'll never look at mac's fries the same way again.

warning! don't watch if you are eating/have eaten a damn full meal. wahahaha. don't say i never warn :p


livin' life


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*pokpok in france

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