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Thursday, May 31, 2007
` 11:20 PM
one last post before i fly off early tmr morning (not that i blog very often but oh well). haha!

wanted to post some random pics of random stuff and random silly things done but the photos are not with me yet (somebody's fault :p), so i'll just have to post them when i get back :)

kl and ohm, pleaseplease save some shopping trips for me when i get back!! :D i know both of you have been kinda down lately (esp kl), but cheer up okie :) i know i haven't been of much help cos i so suck at cheering people up, but yeah, -hugss you both- :)

-hugsss- to the boyboy too :) will miss you :(

ringring, gathering?? will it be between 1st to 10th june? -sulks- hahaha.

okie i better sleep already.. will be back next sunday evening! tata for now!

Friday, May 25, 2007
` 4:22 PM
Liverpool lost to ac milan during the Champions League final. i'm DEVASTATED. bleh they wasted SO many chances la!!

have been watching TV marathons on TV Links (all thanks to mr. fridge who was nice evil enough to introduce me to this vice but thanks!)! have been watching One Tree Hill Season 3 the past few days. hmmm. maybe i should finish this season's Desperate Housewives before Channel 5 ends its run. or start watching House. or Prison Break. i'm not touching the new season of Lost though. wanna watch it with the bf! hehe. omgomg. this is so exhilarating. hahaha. but the buffering time for each vid is killing me!

GSS starts today! wheeeet!

ohmy and kl, me wants more shopping :D even if it is walking around aimlessly and talking and not buying anything. hehe i want!!

ooh and apparently there were sightings of a tornado-like thingy hovering over the sea near Tanjong Rhu area just now at around 3 pm! our trusty wiki says it's a waterspout.

from shiqi, who recieved this from her friend.

okie one more episode of One Tree Hill before i get out of the house :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
` 12:03 AM
awww :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007
` 3:13 PM
it's rainy and gloomy days like this, finally holed up at home with nothing particular to do, John Mayer's melancholy on stereo; that i start to think about... random things.

was just thinking for a while. at the end of it all, it doesn't matter how many friends you have, just as long as you have a handful of close friends, friends you can completely be at ease with, friends who don't mind any of your strange little quirks, friends whom you can just spend your entire afternoon talking to.

and i'm glad i have close friends like that. :))

i'm sorry if i didn't have time, i'm sorry if i wasn't there when you needed someone, just know that whatever it is, i'm always here for you, be it in mind or in person, loving and treasuring the friendship we have.

thank you, all of you, from the bottom of my heart.

and my grandpa is not well after all.. :( i dunno, it's kinda... heartbreaking to see him lying on the bed like that when he has spent like all his life being so fit and healthy for his age, and i feel useless cos i can't do anything to help him ease the pain.

and the Sydney trip is kinda hanging there, cos we dunno if we should still go for it. sigh. and everything's planned and and booked already.

osteoporosis is scary. get as much calcium in your bones as you can, people. Speak for yourself, you might say. haha yeah. i think i'm lactose intolerant - i get bad tummy aches after drinking milk (and then i start thinking of the diseases arising from lactose intolerance learnt in LSM2101 which i, unfortunately, can't recall), so i hafta look for alternatives! sighsigh.

i dunno why i'm rambling on and on. i think i'm bored.

anws, i simply must recommend this.

Menotti (at Raffles City level 1 - requires some time to find it) has the yummiest desserts!! their ice-creams are OMG. and i ordered some hot chocolate cake thingy which was totally HEAVENLY. we were meltinggg like no one's business. i'm starting to drool as i type this. a bit pricey though, so it's best if you have a UOB card cos you get to have a one-for-one deal (i happily ripped off dear pokpok for this hehhh so thank you)! i wanna go back for more :D although the stupid waitress hates us cos we're cheapo and order desserts just for the one-for-one deal while rich expatriates order expensive wine at the other tables. HA. who cares. the customer is always right :p


\Too many shadows in my room
Too many hours in this midnight
Too many corners in my mind
So much to do to set my heart right

It’s taken so long
I could be wrong, I could be ready
But if I take my heart’s advice
I should assume it’s still unsteady
I’m never really ready
I’m in repair
I’m not together but I’m getting there\

Saturday, May 12, 2007
` 10:50 PM

funny video! a spoof on Coldplay's Yellow. looks like some NUS students' production huh as can be seen from the filming sites! hahaha. it's so true huh. how everything is chinese chinese chinese. how channel 5 frequently airs commercials in mandarin. how TVmobile shows chinese programmes and all. how will the other races feel. diao.

nothing much to talk about, life has been filled with going outs and staying ins and trips to the hospital (but thank goodness the grandfather is fine now so yayyy :)). life has been good :) i hope 26th may 3 pm won't spoil my mood for the rest of the holidays.

random, but i have such a thing for sunsets. maybe when i'm in the mood i'll post pictures of all the sunsets stashed in My Pictures folder. hehe!

Oh, and Mitch Albom's For One More Day gave me goosebumps! that's not a bad thing, if you're wondering. haha! a perfect book to read in light of Mothers' Day :) i saw myself in Charley (the main character) many times. how we've been mean to our mums at one point or another in our lives, but they still love us with all their hearts all the same, and we do too :)

i'm craving for a great pigging out session. like stingray and satay beehoon at ecp, or beef kway teow and tau huey at Geylang. or the famous black pepper crab near my house. omgomg.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007
` 10:34 PM
Snowpatrol's Signal Fire (from Spiderman 3) nice nice :)

watch the vid it's so adorable! especially the DocOck part lol..

The perfect words never crossed my mind,
'cause there was nothing in there but you,
I felt every ounce of me screaming out,
But the sound was trapped deep in me,
All I wanted just span right past me,
While I was rooted fast to the earth,
I could be stuck here for a thousand years,
Without your arms to drag me out,

There you are standing right in front of me
All this here falls away to leave me naked,
Hold me close cause I need you to guide me to safety

No I wont wait forever

In the confusion and the aftermath,
You are my signal fire,
The only resolution and the only joy,
Is the faint spark of forgiveness in your eyes,

There you are standing right in front of me
All this here falls away to leave me naked,
Hold me close cause I need you to guide me to safety,

There you are standing right in front of me
All this here falls away to leave me naked,
Hold me close cause I need you to guide me to safety,

No I wont wait forever

Sunday, May 06, 2007
` 10:51 PM
happiness.. :) (in pink!) heartheart.

Friday, May 04, 2007
` 11:41 PM
it's time i updated my blog. ha!

and so exams have ended. but am not very happy, just numb. and relieved it's over. i know i won't do well this sem, but oh well, i can't do anything about it now can i.

sometimes i wonder why i'm so hard on myself. i'm not really doing very badly, it's just.. i dunno. haha. sometimes i think the expectations i have for myself are killing me.

we're gonna start our concentration in year 3. it feels good, cos finally i'm gonna do what i like (or rather, what i think i like), and not stupid transcription and translation and how stupid proteins move in cells and what-not year after year after year. i hope.

and then this inevitably leads to my worrying about my future.

depressing things aside, Spiderman 3 was awesome :)) me loves Harry! :p and Peter Parker's damn comical when he's evilllll. hahaha. but sigh, yet another blockbuster trilogy ended.

me needs to catch up with my previously-non-existent-life! and friends! and shopping! and exercise! whee! jogging, anyone? :D hee.

this hols will be kinda bf-less cos the boy's gonna have internship! sads. no more bumming around at home together and movie marathons and blading at ecp and acting like tourists at tourist-y places :( but then again, there are no more tourist-y places for us to go already. bleh.

and i'm going Sydney in june.. whee! cos the brother's gonna have his attachment there for a month (he's leaving tmr boooo) and we're going over to join him after that :) i'm going to fulfill one of my long-time dreams while i'm there :D hehe! ok it's quite silly, but oh well, shall not say what it is now! wahaha.

whoohoo! finally meeting up with the girls tomorrow for wanni's birthday bbq :) haven't seen any of them since... goodness-knows-when. even kl! i'm used to seeing you all the time the past few sems!! haha.

my grandfather hasn't been doing ok these few days :( cos of his prostate and all. hope he gets well soon.. i miss his cuteness :(

gonna sleep! tata!


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