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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
` 1:12 AM
sunset(s) at the Marina Barrage :)

i've realized that 'collecting' sunsets has become my hobby. lol! it's a good thing i'm not into sunrises :p

mugger crocodile is on the loose. till 2nd december :(

i'm having Heroes withdrawal symptoms.

something to take your mind off your books and LOL. hahaha.

Who's on First?? - George Bush version

Saturday, November 08, 2008
` 10:09 PM fricking HILARIOUS!! the perfect last movie to watch before reality sinks in and intense mugging for the exams starts. if crude jokes, slapstick humour and parodies are not quite your cuppa tea, just watch it for Tom Cruise's hilarious booty-shaking cameo :D it's so worth the time and money. hurhur.

David Archuleta's Crush (live! woohoo! be sure to watch it in HQ :D)

cute pumpkin on the Flyer during Halloween week and pretty Esplanade decorations :)

funny sign spotted at Tampines library haha.

Thursday, November 06, 2008
` 10:37 PM
Reasons why Ahpooi is the funniest (and hence the cutest) hamster ever:

1. she loves to sleep/stone on top of the wheel.
2. she runs on the wheel and (i dunno how this can ever happen) causes the wheel to unhinge from the cage bar and drop. four times already!
3. she lovessss sunflower seeds like there's no tomorrow. sunflower seeds are very useful as bait when you wanna lure hammies like Ahpooi out of their cages.
4. whenever her foodbowl is refilled she rummages through it and stores every single sunflower seed in her pouch.
5. she can crack open a sunflower seed and store the shelled seed in her pouch in a record time of 5 seconds.
6. she does practically everything while lying on her back with legs in the air. i wonder how she can eat like that without choking.
7. she moves all the small seeds from the foodbowl into the hippo and uses them as bedding in addition to the normal bedding.
8. she managed to open her own cage door in the middle of the night and escaped, causing a frenzy in the household early the next morning, to be found in the kitchen (cage is in living room and is elevated) thirsty and... cute.
9. she seldom bites the bars of her cage, but the one time she did, she managed to get her tooth STUCK, subsequently requiring a 30-minute rescue-Ahpooi-operation by the brother and his gf.
10. she loves sitting on her butt and whenever you approach the cage and if her back is facing you, she turns her head nearly 180 degrees and looks at you (butt still in same position).
11. she loves to stone while sitting on her butt. she can just remain in that position for a damn long time. i always wonder what she's thinking about when she's stoning.
12. she always pees at the exact same place in her cage (behind the hippo), and she SLEEPS there sometimes. legs in the air, of course.

if it's not obvious enough, i heart Ahpooi much much :))


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