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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
` 2:06 PM



anws my 2 MONTHS OLD phone died on me. so i'm pretty much un-contactable right now, till further notice. should be repaired by thursday i suppose.

2 months old only leh! so what does this say about Sony Ericsson phones huh.

Sunday, February 24, 2008
` 1:06 AM
R.I.P our one-eyed Pirate :(

6 Feb 08 - 23 Feb 08

Friday, February 22, 2008
` 11:59 PM
mid-sem break is here. bleh. lemme see what i have to do (i've realized that this is a good place to make to-do lists so i can't possibly forget them).

1. ecology mind map assignment
2. forensics lab report
3. read 2 weeks worth of (boring) jap studies readings
4. study 12 chapts + 2 labs + 1 tutorial for immuno test

seems easy rite, 4 things to do only! but immuno is so gonna drain me of what remaining energy i've left after completing the first 3. yes, i'm so very scared can't you tell :S rawrrr.

and sab and i have finally gotten our FYP! or so i hope. the prof just asked us to meet him monday afternoon to discuss potential projects, so i'm crossing my fingers. he's Prof Dawe from pharmaco and his research is on schizophrenia and anti-psychotic drugs. cool :)

which means we can't go for the forensics excursion to the Supreme Court on monday! :( booo. note to self: remember to email stella tan tonight.

anws the baby hammies are really big now!! they're the same size as the older generation when we first got them. cuteness. they're 2 females and 1 male, just like the older generation too. haha. one of the females is blind in one eye! :( birth defect i suppose. poor thing :(

trying to post pictures but stupid blogger isn't allowing me to.

and hamster mum is PREGNANT AGAIN!!! yes fridge, you can continue to scold me for not separating hamster dad from the rest :(( boooo. stupid horny hamster dad. and much thanks for the cages (again)! hee. whee!

ooh anws P.S I Love You was a major tear fest. i started crying just 15 minutes (i think) into the show and it all went downhill from there. hahaha. couldn't help it la, it was really touching. ha. makes me wanna read the book now :) thank you to the silly boy for getting it :)) hee.

this is pretty outdated already, but this was how the boy comforted me when Liverpool lost 2-0 to some ulu club and thus got kicked out of the FA cup: "Nevermind la, Man U will win the FA cup for Liverpool!" how very comforting!! hahaha. why Liverpool whyyy. but at least they're winning a few matches now. now that's comforting :) heh.

i really love this song now! embedding is disabled so i'm pasting the youtube link HERE! (Colbie Caillat's Realize)

zzz. i hate mid-sem breaks when it's so not gonna be a break.

Saturday, February 16, 2008
` 12:58 AM
i think as one grows older, and as a relationship 'ages' (like fine wine, not like MILK. hahaha walter!), Valentine's Day gets increasingly overrated and too commercialized.

(but i don't deny that i love occasional flowers HEHHEH.) ahem. i am a walking contradiction.

so anws, we were pretty tired of squeezing with a million other couples in all those typical places, so this year's Vday was spent having ZI CHAR and watching Sweeney Todd at the bf's place. so not typical Vday-ish. but it was perfect :))

as the (very super-duper) cliché saying goes, everyday is Valentine's Day as long as you're with him/her.

woot :)

and we really heart zichar! what is really good, fills you to the brim, and is cheap too? zichar lorrr. hahaha. i'd rather have zichar than any restaurant anytime :) we are a lepak couple! (as eleen would put it haha!)

and nope, we didn't like Sweeney Todd. lol. but that was right after we watched it. now as i think about it more and more, i think it's pretty good!! lol. (i think it's sab's influence. oh my!) loved the duet between Sweeney and Judge Turpin :) ba ba la ba ba ba ba ba! and the Anthony guy looks alot like Keira Knightly. hahaha.


stuff i learnt after observing the hamster family for more than a week:

1. hamster babies are bright pink and less than 1.5 cm long when they are born, and their eyes are covered with a thin layer of skin. they look exactly like cashew nuts cos they're curled up, but smaller (and pink). and their skin is quite translucent so you can see the ribs! and maybe other internal organs if you look close enough.

2. hamster mum picks a designated spot as the nest and in goes the little ones.

3. the babies very much love wandering around blindly on their own. whenever a baby wanders off from the nest, hamster mum very cutely picks it up using her mouth and carries it back to the nest.

4. the location of the nest changes from time to time.

5. hamster dad is TOTALLY bo chup over the whole taking-care-of-the-young thing. he walks pass them without even looking and sometimes even tramples all over them as if they're not there. and he sleeps all day while hamster mum is busy nursing them. (what an idiot.)

6. the babies are able to withstand the frequent trampling by hamster dad.

7. hamster mum lies on top of the babies most of the time, covering them totally (like birds and their eggs).

8. the babies grow DAMN FAST. they become less pink and more greyish-brown day by day. about 7 days after they're born they begin to sprout teeny weeny fur. now (10 days old), they're about 3.5 cm long, dark grey with a nice coat of fur (not as long as their parents' fur of course), and they love wandering around even more. i think they can eat solid food (but in microscopic pieces) now, but i'm not very sure. their eyes are still covered with the skin so they're still blind. i wonder when they'll finally open their eyes to see the world :)

National Geographic right in my home :D haha!

they're so cute!! i don't think we'll bear to give them away, but it'll be a huge chore when they're big enough (which is very soon) and have to be put into another cage. imagine all the washing and cleaning we have to do every week! and we're thinking of putting hamster mum with Ahpooi when the babies are independent enough cos we don't want any more mating! lol.

but when the 3 babies are old enough they'll start to mate and the vicious cycle will continue. HAHA. oh well, we'll see how :)

anws i think Ahpooi feels neglected cos all the attention that she used to receive from us are now channeled towards the little ones. lol!


next week is the last week before mid-sem break! like OMG. i don't want time to pass so fast :(( i don't want people to graduate so fast :(

let's put it this way, i don't want to graduate so fast :(

Wednesday, February 06, 2008
` 4:43 PM
MY HAMSTER JUST GAVE BIRTH!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG. 3 tiny fur-less pink hammies under the wheel now! omgomgomg. i bet Ahpooi feels a tad lonely now cos the cage beside hers has an entire family of 5 hamsters looking at her.

my bro says it's hao3 zao4 tou2 cos it's a day before the Rat Year! (and hamsters are called 仓鼠 so they are a type of 鼠! WAHAHA omg). wahhhh then if these little babies were born like tomorrow wouldn't it be an even more hao3 zao4 tou2. hahaha! quick buy 4D! 0602! LOL. huat ah!

happy cny everyone! though it won't be a very happy one for me cos i've got loads of work to catch up on. i'm such a geek! whee!

exciting exciting! i'm like walking to the living room to look at the baby hamsters every 15 minutes or so. haha.

and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to ql and cel! one says she embraces old age while the other says she's forever 21 :p heh. aiya at least better than someone else who says she's forever 18! WAHAHAHA.

as you can see from the number of exclamation marks in this entry, i'm damn highhhhh :D


livin' life


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