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Sunday, March 30, 2008
` 6:04 PM
i dunno why i'm always blogging on sundays. hurhur.

i'm savouring the feeling of having nothing to do before hell breaks loose in the following weeks. heh.

the module that i had been so looking forward to before the start of the sem (ecology) is, ironically, my most feared module now. just thinking of the frickin 30% assignment puts me off like totally.

sab's birthday surprise was finally a success! except for a MINOR glitch which was terribly hilarious. wahahaha. always check your blindspot! WAHAHA internal joke. glad you enjoyed yourself :)

oh last night there was this HUGEASS lizard crawling around in my room that i was so disturbed i decided to sleep in my parents' room. lol. i hope it's gone now :S someone please patent the lizard trip we invented back in year 2 so i can use it!! whee geckroll rocks HAHA.

oh ya i've finally secured an FYP :) peter wong, doing on either stroke or alzheimer's. i just went one gigantic round and back to where i started. he was one of the first few profs i emailed. ha. he talked to us for like one whole hour the other day about his research! can tell his passion for it man :)

Liverpool's playing Everton tonight. derby! i dare not put too much hope in it already :/ thou shalt not be a mad person refreshing every minute like last week! HEH. thou shalt practice self-restrain. and ohm please stop being a traitor of liverpool!! rawr.

i'm back into being very in love with Music and Lyrics' Way Back into Love hehe. (cos HBO has been showing the movie almost every night this week.)

so shall paste it here again! :)

ok i've got nothing to talk about already. ha. gtg have dinner!

Sunday, March 23, 2008
` 11:24 PM
history didn't repeat itself alright.

Liverpool lost 1-0 last december, this time they lost 3-0!!!!!!!!!


no mood to study sarin and anthrax and bioterrorism already............

it's a good thing my dad unsubscribed the sports channels already so i couldn't watch the match, or i would be even more depressed watching them being 1-man-down and losing like that.

` 6:14 PM
there's an INTENSE RIVALRY between the boy and i today, because LIVERPOOL IS PLAYING MAN U TONIGHT!!!


it's like déjà vu of my birthday last year. i just hope that history doesn't repeat itself. :(

football is evil! it ruins relationships! (but only for 90 minutes :))

Sunday, March 16, 2008
` 8:04 PM
i miss them :((

must take good care of Chelsea and Chester (mike and sab), Pip and Chipmunk (wanni) and nameless and nameless (cel) ok!!!

Ahpooi, being as cute as ever :))

there's some weird growth in between her nose and mouth area (not in pics above cos they were taken 2 weeks ago) :( i dunno if i should take her to the vet :( she seems as happy as always, though.


Dr. Randy Pausch's last lecture

so touching, so inspirational.

"If you live properly, the dreams will come to you."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
` 6:15 PM
pokpok joined club22 :) heh. -hugs-

yeah it's scary when conversations between friends change from childish banter years ago to chats about future plans now.

we've all grown up. let's just face it huh. :)

Saturday, March 08, 2008
` 12:49 AM
the hamster farm :) heh.

anti-clockwise from left:
-purple cage houses Eduardoreen (as named by bf and i) and 小胖. btw Eduardoreen is so named because she broke her leg the fateful night Pirate died (and you know Eduardo is the Arsenal player who broke his leg recently), and since she's a female, so she's Eduadoreen. WAHAHA. sophisticated name rite :p
-pink cage houses Ahpooi my beloved :)) i heart her :)
-yet another pink cage houses the six baby hammies :) 2 will be given to cel, another 2 to wanni, and another 2 to sab and mike! they're SUPER cute now i can't stand it already.
-green cage houses hamster mum! she is seriously the most wei3 da4 of them all cos she has been in labour twice and taking care of all her babies since early Feb hahaha. (although she probably ate one of her babies (Pirate) up but that's another story.)
-dark pink cage houses horny hamster dad! alone now but surrounded by females wahaha. can see but cannot touch :p


analyzing one's own fingerprint patterns at 1 am in the morning makes one go mad. (and very blind.)

anws, i couldn't get the schizo FYP in the end and so i went to see ohm's prof yesterday. (funny rite, go see an NUS prof who's recommended by an NTU friend. wahaha! ohm's a traitor of NTU :p) he told me to go down to his lab for attachment soon to 'familiarize' with the lab and to learn techniques, and at the same time, i quote him, he can assess my capabilities and see if i'm cut out for his lab or not. GREAT. like i'm not stressed enough with schoolwork and what-not. he said he can't commit to any potential FYP student yet, so yup, i'm still pretty much hanging in mid-air.

i still have one pharmaco prof to see on march 20th (jay, it's peter wong. haha remember him?), so i'll see what he says. if he can take me as his student and his project seems good then i'll get this instead of ohm's one.




She sat down on a park bench opposite the playground and listened to the children's screams of delight. She wished she could go in and play on the slide and be pushed on the swings instead of sitting here and watching. Why did people have to grow up? ...

She wanted to be irresponsible, she wanted to be looked after, to be told that she didn't have to worry about a thing and that someone else would take care of everything. How easy life would be without having grown-up problems to worry about. And then she could grow up all over again and meet Gerry all over again and force him to go to the doctor months earlier and then she would be sitting beside Gerry here on the bench watching their children playing. What if, what if, what if...

- Cecelia Ahern's P.S. I Love You


thank you for being just a call away when i want to cry/whine/bitch/complain.

thank you for always never failing to make me laugh, even through my tears.

thank you for just being there.


/ cause this is real, and this is good
it warms the inside just like it should
but most of all
most of all, it's built to last

cause you are the sun in my universe
consider the best when we felt the worst
and most of all, most of all
most of all, most of all
it's built to last /


livin' life


*ohm in beijing
*piakpiak in sweden
*pokpok in france

*25'03 album
*faith album
*liverpool <3
*jason mraz
*mr brown
*mr miyagi

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