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Saturday, December 20, 2008
` 3:07 PM
and so i turned twenty-two a few days back. it didn't exactly feel like it was my birthday cos it was the first time in my life i had to go to school on my birthday. but oh wells. a huge thank you to the people who made me feel loved :) especially to one silly boy (who ruined a surprise plan HAHA!) :p

thank you too, to the people who remembered! yayy :)

FYP gave me a birthday present as well cos i finally obtained my first ever Western Blot result on that day! :) haha. over-exposed and with too much background, but i finally saw bands and i was too happy to care!

this is what one-year-old helium balloons look like as compared to their heyday. lol!

anws i realize that the older i get, the easier and more frequently i get pissed off. i was on the verge of giving this certain irritating piece of shit a TIGHT SLAP yesterday. i dunno how long i can tahan already. breathe in, breathe out. 4 more months. hang in there, ts, hang in there.

off to happier things:

ohm i've finally found the Precious Moments! hahaha. NAH let you see. hang in there ok 27 days to home!! -hugs-

a rather hilarious (but true. at least to me :p) quote found at Courts. ya, it's where i saw my dream bedroom hurhur.

and since it's the Christmas season, here's a riddle sab asked us some time back:

What does an English teacher call Santa's little helpers?
Ans: Subordinate clauses.

:) cute rite??

Taylor Swift's White horse

it's pretty exciting that i finally know what i want to be in the future. it's difficult i know, and i probably will end up disappointed, and who knows if my dream will change in the following months, but at least now i can see a tiny glimpse of my future :) but for now let me just concentrate on getting a decent grade for my FYP (tough tough tough) and buck up for my last two modules next semester.

ok i'm supposed to be doing up my slides for lab meeting so i better go back to that :( it's been postponed to 30th btw! so at least it won't be a double whammy on the 23rd (results release PLUS lab presentation). sucks.

zoo tomorrow! if the weather permits :S i can never get sick of the zoo :)) woooot.

Saturday, December 13, 2008
` 11:25 PM

what's wrong with Liverpooooooooool??????


you better win!!!!!!!!!!

what's with Carragher and his tendency for own goals :((

(first of many weekly scoldings.)

Gerrard is my hero :)))))))))))

why Liverpool whyyyyy :((


sorry ah, this entry is solely me talking to myself while refreshing every 5 minutes. please ignore this entry and pretend that i'm still sane.

since this is an entry dedicated to Liverpool (on form or off), lemme show you my dream room :))

spent like 20 minutes there taking pictures like a lunatic HAHA.

Thursday, December 11, 2008
` 11:30 PM
in point form (i love writing like this hehh):

- had the worst exams ever in my NUS life. screwed up Tumour real bad :(
- FYP sucks. starting to go lab super early and leave lab when sun's down, all cos of stupid Western Blot.
- hamster dad has a new name: Rhino! cos he looks exactly like the Rhino below :))

- i cut my hair! i have a fringe now and i'm starting to like it.
- i heart Little Nyonya even though it's getting increasingly far-fetched. Channel 8 dramas, what's new. 戴阳天 is super shuai btw!! swoooon. too bad he died so early in the show :((
- i don't like the christmas deco this year.
- i'm frickin stressed. over loads of stuff.
- to graduate or not to graduate, to apply or not to apply, to further or not to further, those are the questions.
- i miss the woman in Beijing.
- i really really really really heart Heroes :))
- made chocolate cheesecake with the bf! put too much chocolate, ended up becoming a chocolate cake without the cheese instead.
- lab presentation on the 23rd. DAMNNN scared. attending other lab presentations by the other FYP students make me stressed like HELL.
- is my best friend. cos poor me is soooo deprived of soccer action.
- i miss school holidays that are really holidays. no worrying about this and that. meeting up with friends in the DAY, not at night after a sickening day in the lab. exploring the nooks and crannies of Singapore with the bf. i guess these holidays are no more huh :(

Saturday, December 06, 2008
` 11:52 PM
can someone tell me what's wrong with Liverpool?? what's wrong????

so exasperating!!!


we're so totally dependent on Torres for goals :(( cryyyyyy.

refreshing is equivalent to checking exam results. to me at least. lol.


/edit: i ought to delete this post huh. wahahaha. i know already! every single week i have to scold Liverpool on my blog, then they'll buck up and win :)))

wahlao. damn stressful know! LOL. my heart cannot take this any longer.


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