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Monday, May 29, 2006
` 11:57 PM
just completed my new jigsaw with bao! loves it! :)

bought the 300-piece one because my room's super small and i have no space on my walls anymore. bleh. then i realised i still can hang a 1000-piece jigsaw on the wall under my loft bed grrrrrr. so yep, think i'm going to get a 1000-piece jigsaw during the next school break, which is december! hehe.

read Tony Parsons' Stories We Could Tell. super boring cos it's set in the 70's era and i couldn't really relate to the whole rock'n'roll-Elvis-is-king thing going on throughout the book. lol. but there was this particular lyric of a song featured in the book which was pretty sweet.

You may not be an angel,
Angels are so few...
But until the day that one comes along,
I'll string along with you. :)

and haha i'm reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons for the second time cos i forgot the whole story. i should get my hands on the illustrated version, immerse myself in the beautiful pictures and pretend i'm in Rome. hahaha.

am happy with my results.. :) and i know i've got to work really hard the next few years to maintain my CAPs. and i realise TO HELL WITH ELECTIVES cos they're the ones which pull me down. rahhhh.

oh yes those of you who haven't caught X-men yet (OOPS sorry for the spoiler in my prev post!! hehheh), be sure to wait till the closing credits end! you'll know why when you go watch la. bleh we didn't know about it. :(

Saturday, May 27, 2006
` 12:40 AM
had a great week! :) shall spare you the full details, but yeah. i quote from hazel's abandoned blog (oops! hehe),

when you don't need to search anywhere to find happiness, it's with you. :)

am not worried about the release of results...yet. i'll start worrying when i wake up tomorrow. ha.

i should start studying for my basic theory. don't think i'll have much time next week. gimme a car!! wheeeee! wanna drive! hee. (and proceed to bang into a lamppost.)

X-men was really nice, but i can't help thinking they should have another sequel, cos there're still questions left unanswered! grr.

my fave scene! (mostly because i love the wings so very much) hahaha.

SPOILER ALERT!! i'm so sad Cyclops died after appearing for like, only 3 minutes. rah. he's my fave X-man!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
` 12:06 AM

me loves Verne the turtle :D

my dad has free tickets to X-men! woot!

Sunday, May 21, 2006
` 11:51 PM
was reading my archives and my old blog when i realised just how much i've grown. my past entries were peppered with smileys and exclamation marks and silly infatuations with random people and everything cheery and childish in between. kinda miss those times where all i have to worry about is whether i'll pass a biology test.

it's not like i don't have a wonderful life now, but i guess it's just not the same anymore. aiya dunno how to explain la.

the thought of reaching the big two this year and the whole hoo-ha of growing up scares me somehow.

random rambling of rubbish (wah.. alliteration!). pardon me.

Friday, May 19, 2006
` 10:45 PM
just sitting down and catching up on life is good. :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006
` 5:29 PM

i hope the happy times we have will never fade away.

i want us to last.. i really do.


Da vinci code with kl and cel today! not bad, but i very much prefer the book. anws Bishop Aringarosa in the movie was the guy who acted as Doc Ock in Spiderman 2, so it was quite hilarious. hahaha. i wanna go to the Louvre!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
` 11:06 PM
wahaha am on the phone with bao while he's mapling (grrrrrrrr. heh kidding) at ziyang's place right now, while 3 other guys are making a whole lot of noise (singing army songs and ziyang screaming "ANNABEL!! CHUAN RAPE ME!!") in the background. so damn hilarious i totally cannot stand it already. am laughing till my throat hurts. bao's giving me a live commentary of what spastic brokeback stuff the guys are doing. -____-


more on yest's zoo trip when i get the pics tmr!

Friday, May 12, 2006
` 10:43 PM
MacRitchie :)

trekked/walked/groaned/sweated a total of 11 km.. yayyyyy another excuse not to jog this week! :D

meeting up with all the nutssss tmr! whee! :)

and yes if you haven't noticed, i FINALLY realised the wonders of picasa. wahaha.

Thursday, May 11, 2006
` 12:04 PM

the girls who make me sane. with their insanity. :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
` 11:04 PM
just came back from MI3 at the spanking new Cathay cineplex! the main thing here is not the movie but the cinema. hahaha. really pretty, with red curtains and gu3 dian3 deco along the sides of the theatre. the Grand Cathay, which is the main theatre, is huge. and the seats are really comfy. and you can actually order food like pizza and have it delivered to your seat! how cool is that? hahaha i sound so suah gu. heh. the movie was orrrrkaaaaaay. what's with all the hype about it. hmmm.

cutting hair tmr! hope i don't look like crap after that. if i do, don't laugh.

Monday, May 08, 2006
` 11:28 PM
i just realised that youtube rocks! wahaha.

beautiful duet sung at the mtv asia awards :)

cel! the title's 'Endless Love' :) nice nice!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006
` 5:16 PM
am so tired after all that going out the past few days. it's only a week into my wondrous post-exam holiday and i'm tired. :S riiiiight.

it's fun talking and talking through the night with friends (and totally zonking out after that) and singing until lan4 at kbox. :) anws NTU is so... in its own world. haha. but there's fresh air in the morning!

walked around in Queensway and Ikea with bao just now. we were both so tired we fell asleep on the bus all the way back. lol!

yayyyyy GSS is coming!!

mtv asia awards tonight!! lee's performing! :D

anws is the font of my entries too small??

Friday, May 05, 2006
` 5:30 AM

hahaha at ohm's little room in ntu now.. the girls are lying on the bed right now talking about everything under the sun. lol.

and my eyelids're gonna close soon.

Monday, May 01, 2006
` 6:37 PM
new layout! haha finally huh. ignore the words below the picture k, they sound so sad. lol.

retail therapy started once my last paper ended up till like, yesterday. hahaha. but i'm gonna save the rest of my shopping sessions for the girls who're ending their exams this week!! hehehe :)

went jogging with bao this morning. he's training for his IPPT and i'm sticking to my resolution of jogging once a week (notice that the 'at least' is gone. hehheh). i felt like puking after running from my house to St. Pat's, which is like quite a short distance. DIE LAH i'm so weak :S

watched I Not Stupid Too again lol. and i still cried all the way from the part when Jerry said "wo zi shi xiang mai ni yi ge xiao shi de shi jian". so sad!!!! bleh.

wheee can't wait to stayover at ohm's hostel! :D


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