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Saturday, November 26, 2005
` 1:10 AM
four down, one more to go!

my besties are shopping the world and enjoying their lives.. my cousins are going on holiday.. while i'm sitting here trying to start mugging for my genetics paper. urgh!

my brother's damn funny. he was supposed to reach school at 8am today but he woke up at 9 plus. then the first thing he shouted when he came out of his room was "xuan why you never wake me up!" HUH?! i was like, how am i supposed to know you need to wake up!

brothers... :S

and oh, we just spent a whole 40 minutes (yes, 40) embarking on a cockroach-catching mission in his room, complete with him having the fly swatter in one hand and baygone in the other, and me laughing and screaming and pointing at wherever the disgusting thing went.

damn hilarious, i must say!

i'm hungry!! feel like getting cup noodles to eat but i'm too lazy to move. haha.

Monday, November 21, 2005
` 5:15 PM
i have a sudden craving for bananas :S don't ask me why.

today's weather is perfect. perfect for sleeping. bleh. i've got TONS of history notes to read before my paper on wednesday :( bahhh. then thursday's org chem and friday's maths. argh!!

stress makes one binge. like hell. wahaha. especially late at night. it totally doesn't help when the fridge is right outside my bedroom door.

i horribly lack exercise man. after the exams i'm so gonna wake up at 6am everyday and go ecp to run. hahaha like real.

..5 more days to seeing you..

..10 more days to end of exams.. and harry potter. and shopping. and sleeping. and throwing my maths and history stuff out the window.

RAH! -pulls out hair-

Beautiful dawn - lights up the shore for me.
There is nothing else in the world,
I'd rather wake up and see (with you).
Beautiful dawn - I'm just chasing time again.
Thought I would die a lonely man, in endless night.
But now I'm high; running wild among all the stars above.
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me.

Beautiful dawn - melt with the stars again.
Do you remember the day when my journey began?
Will you remember the end (of time)?
Beautiful dawn - You're just blowing my mind again.
Thought I was born to endless night, until you shine.
High; running wild among all the stars above.
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me.

Will you be my shoulder when I'm grey and older?
Promise me tomorrow starts with you,
Getting high; running wild among all the stars above.
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me

- James Blunt's High

Saturday, November 19, 2005
` 12:32 AM
one down, four more to go... it wasn't good, and it wasn't a disaster either. i hate it when i have no idea whether i did badly or not for a paper. bleh.

hahaha i applied linjin's "when in doubt, choose b" theory for mcq today. it better work! lol!

oooh i've got jay's cd already!! :D sorry shan a.k.a mrs jay chou, i didn't buy it. again. heh heh. must save money! [so i can go on a major retail therapy session after the exams. ok make that 8579283 major retail therapy sessions after the exams.] wahahaha.

grrrrr they should seriously stop playing harry potter ads on radio and television and stop placing ads EVERYWHERE from newspapers to bus stops :( sighness. i'm so dying to watch it!!


nites everyone :) and jiayou to all mugging for their exams :)

Friday, November 11, 2005
` 11:01 PM
yayyyy Young read out my sms dedication on p10!! hehehe :)

7 days to start of exams. 20 days to end of exams.

was watching Globe Trekker on Discovery T&L just now.. Ian Wright went to this place somewhere on the outskirts of Turkey. daaaaamn beautiful place :) the people living there are poor, but they're happy cos of the simple things they have. it made me think of the lives we're leading. wanted to continue watching The Naked Chef (for my Jamie Oliver.. heh) but decided to be a good girl and mug. lol.

i can't wait for monday :)))

jiayou people!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
` 12:15 AM
i once said i love tj at night. now i love nus at night too :) hehe!

haha i just completed the nus student feedback. everybody remember to do ok, can get 30 CORS points! then we can take revenge and outbid the year ones when we're in year 2! :D hehheh ok like 30 points are a lot. lol. ooh back to the feedback. i wrote SO much about the chem lecturer. WAHAHA. felt damn shuang after that. lol. those chem peeps taking org chem next sem better pray that you don't get him as your lecturer. hehheh. but then again, i actually learnt stuff from his lectures, like how girls get turned on by sweaty guys and how skunks fart. -_____-'''

anws big guy and i spent a whole of 20 minutes just now trying to open sabrina's locker to put my textbook in. LOL! we were damn exasperated and it was damn stuffy there and a bit creepy too (haha it was hmmm 9pm i think), and i was like, why isn't ziyang here when we need him?!?! wahaha damn funny.

i'm strangely quite relaxed about the exams and stuff. oh no something's terribly wrong. or maybe i'm just feeling tired of being stressed. haha.

pretty fast huh? one sem's come and gone (soon) just like that. how time flies.

..nothing else matters, now that i've got you.. :)

Thursday, November 03, 2005
` 11:58 PM
And you asked me what I want this year
and I try to make this kind and clear
just a chance that maybe we'll find better days
'cause I don't need boxes wrapped in strings
and designer love and empty things
just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words and sing out loud
'cause everyone is forgiven now
'cause tonight's the night the world begins again

I need some place simple where we could live
and something only you can give
and that's faith and trust and peace while we're alive
and the one poor child who saved this world
and there's ten million more who probably could
if we all just stopped and said a prayer for them

So take these words and sing out loud
'cause everyone is forgiven now
'cause tonight's the night the world begins again

I wish everyone was loved tonight
and somehow stop this endless fight
just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words and sing out loud
'cause everyone is forgiven now
'cause tonight's the night the world begins again

'cause tonight's the night the world begins again

- goo goo dolls' Better Days :)


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