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Friday, March 27, 2009
` 12:48 AM
thank goodness...

for chocolates in the fridge.

for ice-cream in the freezer.

for helpful seniors when you're down and out in the lab.

for the bf who makes me smile with his crappy smses (like for example "Ahpooi misses me.. help me tell her i'll be busy this week and i miss her!")

for adorable hamsters i come home to everyday.

for friends who genuinely care.

for conversations with mum in the car.

for soccer matches/Heroes/Kris Allen American Idol/Desperate Housewives every week.

for long MSN conversations.

for happy endings :)

...if not, i'd have broken down i-dunno-how-many times in this disgusting period of my undergraduate life.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
` 11:52 PM
i like working on my thesis at the dining table. cos it's big enough to spread out all my papers so that they're easy to find, and it's nice listening to the sounds of the tv in the living room. and from where i'm sitting i can see Ahpooi's and Eda's cages. and oh, there's food within 1.5 metres :)

had a lab meeting with Dr Bian's lab this morning. all those nervessss. i seriously need to get over my fear of presentations. anws to my dismay i need to do another experiment :( i happily thought that today was going to be my last day in lab. and i have to remove one of my results from my thesis cos it's not concrete enough for a paper :( sian.

and i think there's another lab meeting with Prof Wong next week and then it's poster presentation the week after next. i'm freaking out as i type this.

i can hear the hamsters running in their wheels from here and it makes me happy :) (yes i'm weird, thankyouverymuch.)

anws i never thought a Miley Cyrus song will ever get featured in my blog, but i like this one! just don't watch the music video (it's super cringe-worthy). haha!

ANW i'm feeling very bo liao now (and sick of thesis-ing), and since i wanted to post this some time ago, here it is:

The nucleus incertus consists of a group of cells forming a small nucleus located in the caudoventral regions of the pontine periventricular gray, adjacent to the ventromedial border of the caudal dorsal tegmental nucleus.

is that even english?? hahaha. that's from sab's thesis intro btw. i'm suddenly very glad that i'm doing an in vitro project on stroke, cos the most cheem words that can come out of it is... cerebral ischemia. wahaha.

the newspaper mentioned that Liverpool'll be playing in Singapore on the 26th of July! but it's not official yet i guess. i can just die of excitement right now :))

i'm already starting to miss school. a little more than a month from now i'll be sitting for the last examination paper of my life. scary stuff. oh wells. maybe life will take me overseas to study for my dream. you'll never know :)

favourite Jason Mraz song of the moment: Plane :)) so i don't care i'm putting it here again! :p

Friday, March 20, 2009
` 3:56 PM
let me introduce you to my current infatuation :)))

no it's not mraz, neither is it milo V. noooo it's not david A. not DYT either. and no, it's not even gerrard my hero.



anws i woke up today and started work on discussion at 10 am. now it's 4 pm and i'm only 3/4 page done. i want to dieeeeeeeee. the WWW is totally not helping me here, as you can clearly see.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
` 3:00 PM
James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado's Broken Strings

` 12:21 AM
random pictures from the phone :)

Xiaopang the carpet.

Ahpooi resting on her laurels.

Rhino resting on his... bum.

Eda :) the male hammie with the girly name. long story.

Ahpooi :)

the vulgarity-spewing bf. note the sian diao face. HAHA.

mum's hilarious-looking bedroom slippers.

Kembangan at sundown.

what life scientists do to make the lab a happier place to be in - take pipette tips in an order such that they form a shape :p

and yes, those were the western blot days when i got so bored in lab i whip out my phone to take pictures during waiting time.

spotted at the lab bench next to ours. funny!!

ben bears :)

flowers :) wrong focus though :S

heart shapes on the floor outside the Esplanade on vday. (now you know how long ago some of these photos are. hahaha.)

sunrise! (somewhat.)

stuff like this spotted anywhere often warrants frantic photo-taking by yours truly :D

ok too many photos! good night :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009
` 9:02 PM
these few days have been the first time i actually sat down to study ever since the exams ended last semester, and boy does it feel good :)) i may sound bonkers to you, but trust me, anything that gives me an excuse to get away from all things FYP is a good thing (CAs included).

and after witnessing a series of unexpected events unfold on tv last night, i suddenly have this renewed vigour to study harder! hehhh.

anws my dad just changed the SCV set top box to the HD one for just 2 bucks! and OMG (sorry to sound so suaku) everything was so clear!! LOL. for the first time in my life i actually could see the numbers on the soccer players' shirts from damn far away! lolll. (and i was able to look at the marks on Gerrard's face in their full glory upon close-up too.) HEH. so exciting :)) now there's one more excuse to watch tv. i hope my dad subscribes to the HD versions of Nat Geo etc soon. too bad they only show selective soccer matches in HD :(

ok shall go back to randomized controlled trials and institutional review boards now :S i actually quite like clinical trials :) just that the notes suck so bad.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
` 12:08 AM
sometimes i think i have a very minor form of bipolar disorder. i can be happy one moment and suddenly moody the next, and it's manifesting itself more frequently these days. thankfully it doesn't happen in front of other people too often, but sometimes that's a bad thing. cos when i experience a sudden bout of moodiness i feel lonelier than ever.

i think the stress is starting to get to me. it's about time, really.

randomly, sometimes i envy people who have the road ahead nicely paved for them to walk on. living their perfect lives. being totally oblivious to things that are causes of worry for people who are not as lucky as they are.

i wonder if i'm able to wake up later for the big match. i should sleep now, then :)

Sunday, March 08, 2009
` 12:24 AM
is it true that Liverpool's coming to Singapore at the end of the season?????


omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!!! -major hyperventilation-

this is super anti-climax, but free rad is such a pain in the ass :(( stressed stressed!

Friday, March 06, 2009
` 11:45 PM
Mr. Curiosity

I'm Yours

Beautiful Mess

Live High

The Remedy + Wonderwall

these weren't taken by us obviously (we weren't so near! but still very near :)) hehe lucky us!), but i just can't wait any longer wahaha. am lazy to upload the bf's vids onto youtube anw :p

sab you can ogle at your fave part of his body (that's QUOTE nicer than John Terry's QUOTE) in most of these vids! HAHA. omg i can't believe i just typed that.

whee! i'm still pretty high :)) we rubbed shoulders and took photos with Toca Rivera (Jason's back-up singer and percussionist) outside the stadium! too bad we didn't take photos with the rest of his band :(( they were just there! standing right in front of us! GOSH what were we thinking :((( Mr. A-Z himself wasn't there of course, he'd be MOBBED.


i think i'll really miss my lab when i'm gone :(( i wonder if there'll be another time we can play Mafia and do stupid things in the staff lounge together before i leave the lab for good :( i don't think any of the lab peeps know how much i appreciate them just being there when i'm feeling damn bloody stressed over experiments and feeling sick of FYP in general. just their presence in the lab doing their own experiments makes me feel better, cos i know i'm not alone. and this is mostly why i hate going to lab on weekends. anws the other 3 Honours students are done with their experiments except me so i hardly see them anymore. damn fast can!!

anws my thesis intro is damn short :(( can die. results next! sian. must tidy up and make all the graphs sui sui first. just thinking of the weeks to come (presentations and a test coming up) makes me sick in the stomach. i'm like super detached from the modules i'm taking cos it's lab lab lab full time.


the bf and i were just reminiscing about the toys we played and the candies we ate when we were young kids. lol! i remember pick-up sticks and eraser soccer :) and some game with marbles. and potong ice-cream and lollipops.

ooh and i suddenly remember hopscotch every recess time during the stnicks primary days. how we cheonged to chope the hopscotch, and how we used our wallets and name tags as the "stones". and i remember how sticker collections were damn important in those days. LOL.

those were the days huh :) it's strange how vividly i remember these little things.

` 12:53 AM
i'm sitting here waiting for my hair to dry, listening to Mr. Curiosity on repeat (and still marvelling at the opera-singing which i always thought was the music until tonight OMGGG), and thinking to myself:



in love.






full stop.

and then reality slaps me in the face. tomorrow it's back to the humdrum of school lab and never-ending deadlines. there's nothing to look forward to anymore :(

ok scratch that, i'm looking forward to getting all the Mraz videos from the rest and watching them over and over again :)) hehe.

will post vids soon! promise!


livin' life


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