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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
` 5:37 PM
i must blog about this, cos i had the WORST chicken rice i've ever had in my 21 years and 7 plus months of my life.

beware of the chicken rice at NUH Kopitiam!! (not staff canteen.) omg. the chicken tasted really weird and the rice had some weird greenish stuff on it :S like urgh. the only stuff edible were the 2 pieces of cucumber. -__-

-shudders- i told my lab mate "if you don't see me tomorrow you'll know why." hahaha.

anws David A's first ever single will be out this Friday! :D like anyone will give a hoot about this, but i just had to type it out :p hurhur.

am listening to Jason Mraz's (not very) new album now. not as nice as i thought it'd be :( ql, i can send you "I'm Yours" if you're still crazy over it :)

i've been having this weird eye allergy these past few days. both my eyes get really itchy and annoying bumps would appear around them. have been speculating on what exactly i'm allergic to but i still haven't found out yet. went to the doctor and he just gave me eye drops. and i've been popping chlorpheniramine every night so that i don't turn up in lab with itchy, red obakak-like eyes in the mornings.

sab went KL to see Chelsea!! she and mike had training passes! like OMG. so jealous :(( (which i shouldn't be cos i'm a Liverpool fan but still! imagine your fave team up close! omgg.) i'm dying to see photos!!

ok gtg :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008
` 3:34 PM
John Mayer's Free Fallin'

sunset in school :) was on the bus to Fongseng before the gang's commencement two weeks back.

module planning is a pain in the ass. i hate having heavy back-to-back papers but i doubt i can avoid them this semester. zzz.

i'm in dire need of shoppinggg! oh and i haven't seen the gigantic Liverpool poster in Suntec's Adidas yet!

i'm having Batman withdrawal symptoms! lol. i must be mad, but it was that good, imho :)) haven't felt this way for a movie ever since The Prestige. haha. (and it so happens that both movies star Christian Bale. wooot. i heart his smile and his charming accent :p but ahem, that's beside the point.)

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."


` 12:28 AM

THE best movie of 2008 :)) it was so intense. loved the cinematography. and the Joker was creeeepy. world-class acting by a superb actor. i so wanna watch it again!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
` 11:21 AM
in point form:

1. i'm doing risk assessment in lab now and generally being bored haha.
2. i finally have a mini-headstart on my project. at least now i know how to actually use a hypoxia chamber. now i just need someone to teach me how to do a cell viability count and how to measure intracellular calcium. and i've to start planning my project. and... -continues to ramble to herself-
3. i'm constantly surrounded by very smart people and i feel dumb in their presence.
4. i owe gohsinpok 34 bucks and gohsinpok owes me PHOTOS! this is here so that it's impossible for us to forget. (and i just realized that i always use different variations of her name on my blog HAHA.)
5. i hate the durian season cos my whole house stinks of durian 24/7.
6. you know you're not a beach person when 8 people spend an entire day at Sentosa playing BANG! hahaha. i'm kinda hooked! to think i actually hated it when i first played it in Settlers. i love being the Renegade wahaha.
7. it's scary how i don't know who's reading my blog.
8. Marine Bio is SO beckoning me to take it next sem! rahh. i hate it when i have to choose between interest and practicality.
9. i have to take one more UE and i don't have any spare level ones already! siannn. i so wanna do another English module, but i'm not brave enough do a level three.
10. i can't wait to watch The Dark Knight cos the whole universe is RAVING about it. wheee! but i think i'd feel a tad empty and sad after watching it cos it'll officially be the end of Heath Ledger's life as an actor :( i kind of hope that he really gets that posthumous Oscar. lol.
11. it'll be HELL when school starts. zzz. they say the Honours Year is the toughest year of your entire education (including possible postgrad studies), cos obviously you have to juggle between both lab and modules, which sucks. why does my life seem so bleak.
12. i secretly want to go for SingFest :(( but so ex! and no one to go with anw. ha. One Republic! Jason Mraz! Melee! Travis! Simple Plan! omgggg.
13. i'm itching to get this certain Esprit top but it's $69.90 for a sheer piece of pink cloth :( self-control, ts, self-control.
14. lunch time!

Friday, July 18, 2008
` 12:17 AM
石欣卉 - 我知道我变漂亮了 (《一切完美》's theme song)

i love the show (and the song)! mainly cos it's so different from those typical dramas Channel 8 churns out all the time. and i love how every episode somewhat has a message, no matter how cliché the message is. heh. am hooked :)

过去的批评嘲讽 (Let it go Let it go)
过去的轻蔑冷落 (Let it go Let it go)
有些人口不饶人 却忘了瞧瞧自己 又有什么资格

时刻都善良待人 (Let's move on Let's move on)
时刻都做好本分 (Let's move on Let's move on)
有些人心思浅薄 绝不是宽容 自暴自弃的理由

也许 确实也受过言语打击
也许 从来也没有什么好际遇

曾难过 曾失落

不自卑 不埋怨
内在的美 迷住每个人的眼
内在的美 迷住每个人的眼


it's always nice to spend time with the bf :) since we haven't had much time nowadays cos we're both busy and all. it kinda takes my mind of things, like lab and stuff. i kind of regret taking Honours :(( i don't think i'm cut out for lab at all :( i can't really put what i feel into words so i'll just leave it as it is. and weekends are like heaven to me cos i get to completely throw lab aside, and when Sunday nights come i get so sian cos it starts all over again the next day.

i get along pretty well with the lab people already, so it's not that, if you're wondering. i just...i dunno. i hate it when i have so many things to say but i just can't put them into words, like now. it's like my mind gets stumped and my hands are over the keyboard but i dunno how to express myself.

oh well, this cheers me up a lil bit :p

gonna sleep it off. PMS-ing!

Sunday, July 13, 2008
` 11:34 PM
the very incomplete family portrait of The Ring, and an extra. hehh! i seriously don't know what'd become of me if i hadn't joined SOW and met you people :)

the Science fac commencement colour is chio-ness to the max, by the way.

anyhows, it's strange how SR guys started entering my life one by one ever since i stepped into uni, and i'm glad they did :) (especially the one on the left, of course :p)

nahh! for you all to kope. tell me if you want originals! i didn't take many photos amidst all the excitement and frenzy. must pester people for photos already. haha.

reminder to self for the millionth time: please rub oil off forehead before taking photos with flash. HA.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008
` 11:01 AM
the irritating brother finally graduated :))

come Friday and it'll be the Life Science gang's turn. what a month :) a month of mortarboards and certificates, happiness, freedom, and pride.

makes me wonder how it'll be like for me this time next year. the mixed feelings of joy of finally ending years of education, and the apprehension of stepping out into the real world.

Saturday, July 05, 2008
` 12:22 AM
listen to this and tell me that this kid is not talented! omg. hahaha.
//EDIT: sound quality of this one is much better :)

and while we're at it, why not listen to his version of Apologize too :p hehheh.

i can imagine the bf (and sab.. and kl.. and sinhui.. and...) rolling their eyes when they see this HAHA.

on a rather relevant note, i think it's funny how whenever i find some guy cute and i tell the bf and he gives the sian diao face; and then he shoots back by saying some girl is pretty but then i reply "ya i think so too" HAHA and so his plan backfires :D that's the difference between guys and girls huh.

bittergourd in our backyard! exciting! i never knew we had bittergourd growing in the backyard and my mum was like "can you please walk around and observe what's going on in your own home for once" haha.

but HEY i noticed the orchids! ha. they've wilted since about 2 weeks ago btw which is sad. thank goodness i took pictures of them.

lab-wise, i think it's actually a blessing in disguise that i'm doing cell work instead of animal work after all, cos i've seen how a fellow Honours student inject his rats with H2S (which is obviously slowly killing them OMG) and how a postgrad killed her rats and like removed their brains or something to do primary culture, and i was like NO WAY can i ever fathom myself doing all that :S

and so i took the tetanus jab for nothing. lol.

anws my 2 weeks worth of cells got contaminated :(( depressing! so i have to start subculturing all over again on Monday. oh wells, it's my first time doing this so problems are bound to suffice. (this is called zi4 wo3 an1 wei4 haha.) i guess i just have to be more careful next time.


livin' life


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