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Saturday, February 28, 2009
` 3:50 PM
the epitome of Mraz-greatness:

just the voice. and the guitar. just takin' it easy, living high :)


today was supposed to be a full day of lab but i was struck with this sudden wave of SIAN-NESS halfway through and so i threw back my samples into -80 degrees and the newly-casted gel into -20 and went home, not caring anymore.

and THIS, my friend, is the reason why i absolutely can't do research as a career in future.

i'll probably regret it when Monday comes but i just couldn't take it any longer at that point in time. anws i have another lab meeting with Prof Wong coming thursday. i dunno if it's a good thing that i have to report to two bosses. twice the amount of lab meetings, twice the amount of scrutinization, twice the amount of stress. and no, it doesn't automatically equate to twice the amount of quality in my thesis.

Thursday, February 26, 2009
` 10:43 PM

the bf is evil.

he was playing L4D right beside me so i can't read my never-ending journals in peace cos i kept wanting to look at his screen. boomer boomer!!

and now he's busy playing dota and talking to himself. (actually he's talking to fridge and ziyang using... Skype i think. with earphones) what talking you?? what mask of madness?? what stealth this stealth that?? what quarter star??

can you play L4D so that i can at least understand what you're doing!

and now he has stopped playing cos he got disconnected!! -cue evil laughter- wahahahaha.

OH i must complain summore. he said that i look like the witch in L4D! :(((((((((( damn sad know. what kind of bf is this.

anw to add on to my very dismal night, A BABY LIZARD LANDED UP MY HEAD!!!! &$*#(@^%# i'm so damn traumatized. i'm seriously thinking of bathing again.

see la. another night to add on to the nights-where-i-can-actually-write-my-thesis-but-didn't-in-the-end.

i. must. stop. procrastinating. for. my. own. good.

anws my dad showed me this! nice :)

7 days to JASON MRAZ :))) ohmygosh i can't wait.

and yayyy Slumdog Millionaire for Best Picture!

and YAYYYYY Liverpool 1-0 Real :D the papers said the match was at 2am and so i slept early and stupidly woke up at 2am only to find out that it was starting at 3:45am! so i set my alarm at 3:45am and when the time came i was too tired to get up :( but YAYYY! happiness :)) hehe. and they did it without Gerrard! they MUST stop being too dependent on him already. improving improving!

Sunday, February 22, 2009
` 12:50 AM
i think i've lost all ability to write a paper. my brain just can't work properly! i find it damn hard to pick up relevant stuff from the 13748592 papers in front of me and paraphrase them nicely. zzzzz.

as requested by the relevant parties involved in getting me a precious ticket to see Jason Mraz live, thankyou sab!!! hahaha. (i owe you ice coffee!) n mike! n bb for getting a phone! :D wheeeee.

sorry for the incessant madness. hurhur.

went to watch the Social Work production Thesis: A Doublebill yesterday to support ql and eleen :) it sorta opened my eyes to certain things that i'm previously clueless about, so i think they achieved their aim of raising awareness i guess :)

and ohm's back in Beijing! :( for one year no less! sighhh.

oh yesterday there was a blackout on my level in CeLS and guess what, my gel was running halfway. -____- seriously sian half! sujing my lab friend was telling us (in the dark) about how her friend was centrifuging her samples halfway when the blackout occured (so it was quite a hilarious situation) and then i told her about my predicament and she couldn't stop laughing cos it was even funnier. so evil right omg. but i couldn't stop laughing also, actually. lol! but the gel turned out ok in the end so yayy :)

i've got some random photos to share but they're still in my phone so laters :) ya i know i said the same for some hamster videos a few weeks ago and i never got down to uploading them at all, so no promises there! wahaha.

Saturday, February 21, 2009
` 12:10 AM
i'm going for Jason Mraz's concert!!!!!


all of a sudden nothing matters anymore and i don't even mind going to lab on a Saturday (the darkroom on Saturdays is scarier than usual, at least to me) and the world is a happier place to live in! :))


Wednesday, February 18, 2009
` 11:47 PM
it's a harsh world out there, and i guess all these experiences we have as we grow older make us all the more stronger. we just have to take it in our stride, stay true to ourselves, and at the end of it all, emerge out of it a stronger and better person.

here's to a few people close to my heart that are going through a rough patch and ain't having a good time, all i have to say is: stay strong! you'll get by :) -hugs- you know i'm here for you if you need me ya.


i really dunno how am i going to finish my experiments by the end of next week (my goal) :(( still not getting the frickin results that i want. it's getting really exasperating.

rawrrrrr. research is so not my cuppa tea.


the last guy on Americal Idol today gave me goosebumps! i forgot his name (is it Danny?). was typing the first paragraph of this entry and WOAH he sang what i was feeling at that exact moment lol.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
` 10:07 PM
having been in my lab for a little more than half a year, i've kind of become more aware of what goes on "behind the scenes" in research. it's a pretty cruel world actually, where your lab's status is determined by the amount of grants you have i.e. how rich you are and how dua3 liap4 your lab is. it's infuriating how you just have to (as the guys would say) LL suck thumb and do what the "higher up" people tell you to do, even though you're absolutely boiling inside. but you can't do anything about it cos even your boss can't.

politics politics politics. even without stepping into the working world i'm already partially immersed in the bitterness of it all.

i'm quite glad that when all the changes take place i'd have already graduated.

having said that, i think i'll miss my lab big time when i finally do graduate :(( i tend to forget that i'm not actually part of this lab, but i see myself more as that than my actual supervisor's lab lol :p so yup, amidst all that complaining and whining at the very start of my FYP, i'm glad i ended up here after all.

and now i'm starting to really worry about getting a poor grade and disappointing boss :S die already. it's time i sit down and really get serious about writing my thesis. i'm already struggling at M&M! how to start intro like that :( hmmm maybe i'll do results after completing M&M, then i'll worry about intro. booo. how to get B+ liddat :(

and i haven't completed my experiments! i'm like overloading myself and overlapping my western blot days till i get super confused about what to do next lol! my western results suck, btw. damn irritating. and i must wrap up my stupid hypoxia experiments rahhhh. and i must start analyzing all my western data. sian. i so hate analyzing results cos i HATE stats.

ok enough of lab talk.


Desperate Housewives actually makes me cry sometimes. haha. i'm so hooked :) (even though i can't seem to remember all the characters' names after what, 4 seasons? haha yes sab, i know. lol!)

everyone around me is falling sick! just when i've recovered. bf is sick too! :( see la eat too much heaty stuff!

i can't taste things sometimes. and i don't have a flu or blocked nose or whatever! something's wrong with my tastebuds :S

reading the newspapers these days is getting a tad too depressing.

Brad Pitt in TCCO Benjamin Button reminds me of him in Meet Joe Black. i wanna watch Slumdog Millionaire and see what the hype is about haha.

i dreamt that we let the hamsters run freely in the house and they'd climb up to their cages when they want to sleep. my mum dreamt that all the hamsters escaped and we ran all around the house getting them back.

we learnt in Clinical Trials that the most common breed of dogs used in toxicity testing is the beagle :'((

i only just learnt how to play mahjong over the chinese new year. (the brother taught me when i was much younger but i forgot everything so that wasn't counted.) yes i'm a boring person. i don't know how to play lots of things.

i miss watching Liverpool's matches. the last time i watched them play was...... a week ago. hahaha!

have i mentioned that i have a pink Liverpool mug? :)) chio! it's funny how a few weeks back we went pass a pushcart selling soccer merchandise and i said if my mug broke i'll get a Liverpool mug, AND THEN one groggy morning a few days later i clumsily dropped my mug while getting it out of the microwave and it broke. it wasn't on purpose ok!!

k i can't think of anymore random things to write already haha.

Monday, February 09, 2009
` 4:39 PM
i've been playing too much these days.

i think it's the it's-my-final-few-months-as-a-student-so-lemme-enjoy-it-as-much-as-possible syndrome.

and i don't wanna get cured :))


Heroes Season 3 Part 2 and Lost Season 5 :)) wooooot. things to look forward to every week.

liverpool YAYYY! life rocks. haha. but my hero's out for 3 weeks cos of hamstring injury :( hurry up get well!! meanwhile i hope they can tahan till he gets well and Torres gets fit enough for a full 90 minutes.

i'm pretty hooked on L4D. hahaha. getting a kick out of killing them zombies keeps your mind out of other things. my first ever attempt at first-person shooting games, so not that bad la hor. i'm still working on coordinating my movements LOL, especially when i'm one of the Special Infected. i suck at being them!

ok it's time to go home! (from lab.)

happy yuan2 xiao1 jie2 everyone :)


livin' life


*ohm in beijing
*piakpiak in sweden
*pokpok in france

*25'03 album
*faith album
*liverpool <3
*jason mraz
*mr brown
*mr miyagi

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