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Friday, March 30, 2007
` 10:43 PM
ultimate cuteness overload :))

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i can finally take a short break this weekend :) sab's yeeehaaaa!! party tomorrow and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA on sunday! :)) wooooooot! not really a break actually, cos right after Phantom i've to rush to mike's house to do project :( sighsigh anticlimax. haha!

we're gonna design an innovative lizard trap for engine project! haha so fun :) this is so ironic. i remember at the start of this sem, engine was my most dreaded module, but now it's my only glimpse of hope of getting more than a B for this sem. yes, i can already foresee my doom.

John Mayer's Dreaming with a Broken Heart :) lovesloves!

/Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand,
Would you get them if I did?/

Friday, March 23, 2007
` 12:06 AM
i hate school. i hate NUS cos it's so far away. i hate my printer for jamming all the time. i hate bloody 8 am lectures. i hate tests i study so hard for but flop in the end. i hate projects. i hate it when everyone's so competitive. i hate the world. i'm so tired.


Saturday, March 17, 2007
` 11:14 PM
one and a half years; not very long, not very short. all i can say is, i loved every minute of it :)) heart!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
` 11:40 PM
OMG 300 is nice!! lol. really good cinematography :) but i thought they'd show the last battle at the end so when the credits came i felt it was quite abrupt. haha. and perhaps because everyone around me was raving about the show before i watched it, so i had quite a high expectation of it. but it was a good show la :) minus the gore and the very extra oracle nude scene. lol.

and the guy who acted as Xerxes the bad Pergian king is Rodrigo Santoro, the one who acted as Karl the cute office guy in Love Actually!!

i'm speechless. hahaha. but i can roughly see the resemblance now. lol.

anws sab, shan, the bf, and i unknowingly wore tops with horizontal stripes to school today! we couldn't stop laughing. haha. what a coincidence!

Saturday, March 10, 2007
` 3:20 PM
happy happy 21st birthday to gohsinhuipokpok! well, what can i say? almost 10 years of friendship, and counting :) i'm just glad i've got you along the way :) -hugsss- love you much girl!

Friday, March 09, 2007
` 4:36 PM
am waiting in school for a certain 21-year-old-to-be (whee!) to celebrate her birthday, so i've decided to update this rather neglected place of mine.

just had the most DISGUSTING test ever. 40% leh. down the drain. sads. and the stupid LT was like, subzero temperature or something! damn coldddd. and there's no clock in the LT so i was super kan cheong cos i didn't know how much time was left! WARNING: science students having future tests in LT29 please wear jeans and bring a damn thick jacket and yes, please wear a watch.

let's see, the shows i've recorded the past two weeks pia-ing god-knows-what and mugging for above-mentioned disgusting test:
- 2 episodes of 薯童謠 :))) last 2 episodes! exciting!
- 2 episodes of Amazing Race All Stars
- 1 episode of Desperate Housewives (whee it's back!)
- 1 episode of Dance Floor plus results show
- 1 episode of The Arena

yayy tv marathon this weekend :) but still have Perfume assignment and lab report to do :'(

let me introduce this korean drama series (薯童謠) that made my ENTIRE family (not kidding! can ask the bf wahaha he was lost for words when we cheong-ed to switch on the tv at 7pm sharp) go gaga over.

the guy on the left is damn shuai (especially when he becomes the emperor and wears the golden crown thingy hurhur). can't find a nicer and individual photo of him. hehe!

the show's damn nice la :))) i'm not a fan of 大长今 (same director) or korean dramas for that matter, but this one is really good :) too bad the show has ended!

okie gtg! :)

Thursday, March 01, 2007
` 10:59 PM
i have this feeling that for the past few sems, some chinese/indian/whatever-nationality scholar switched brains with me and so i could do relatively well, but now for this sem she decided to have her brain back.

don't mind me. i'm talking rubbish.

i love rainy days :)

oh and i learnt a new thing during lab yesterday! buttoned-shirts worn by men and women have buttons on different sides! as in, buttoned-shirts for men have their buttons on the right side of the shirt and vice versa for women. hahaha. erm, but most of the people i excitedly exclaimed this to knew about it already.. haha. anws our lab coats are the men-version! lol.

i love looking at the progress in the construction of the bigger-than-London-Eye ferris wheel everyday when on the Sheares bridge :) especially on 8am days cos the sunrise makes the perfect backdrop. lol. i think i'm mad.

yawns. 8am lecture tomorrow. ya, besides the ferris wheel plus the sunrise, i HATE 8am days :S


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